At a recent Interview by Kat with Skin Care sensation Kim Dao at Kcon, Kat asks Kim that a collection of questions ranging from comparisons of civilization and the quality of skin care products to as something as easily relatable as meals. In the interview, Kim Dao recalls her experiences in Korea and Japan and fondly remembers the busy and effortless life spent there with good food and good men and women.

Kim Dao shares her experiences from Korea and Japan into Kat, praising its lifestyle and heritage and the advancement it’s attained. She tells Kat that she prefers being in Korea and Japan and also uses more skin care product from there, as compared to Australia, her state of origin. She also prefers the readily available and reasonably priced food from that point in contrast to this pricey meals back home.

From the Interview, Kim Dao also reveals how she’s only ever attended one concert in her life that is the Australian Idol concert, and that due to tickets becoming hard to buy, she has never been in a Kpop concert, but wants to and looks forward to experiencing new things that could come her way. She remembers being really fond of her period and stays there, despite her little knowledge of the K-pop civilization, she wasn’t reluctant to attempt to experience new things and meet people with the identical likes and interests as her. For more information please Read This

Wrapping up the interview, Kim Dao throws light on her moving in with her boyfriend and her plans to permanently settle in Australia, while at the exact same time, she aspires to travel to Korea and Japan at least once annually to relive the beauty and splendours of these nations. She understands that whatever success she has is due to her following and shares her thanks for coming out to meet her in kcon despite the heat, and fantasies that her audience will love her new posts and movies on Japanese and Korean skincare and her Australian vlogs.

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