So you’ve got a few boys that you just took to the screening of Endgame. Getting the ticket has been a task in itself because you discovered it is almost full, and the numbers keep climbing. Getting a good seat, even harder. Now, you’ve watched Avengers: Endgame with the boys, reliving your younger days when you used to envision how these awesome comic books would translate in to movies. If just you are younger nerdy self could see these movies, but your hype isn’t yet diminished.

Your boys are just as hyped about the superheroes you have grown to love through the years, and they want more. So what would be a very good gift for these boys? Well, there are many options but you know what pleasure is? Whenever you don’t know what presents you’re getting. Yes, you understand that feeling too, when you used to get out of bed early Christmas morning to see what gifts are there for you.

So the obvious answer will be to get subscription boxes for men based on that theme that is the Marvel Universe. Now once you get that subscription boxes for guys, you can choose a puzzle box of your own liking. For a very good price. Now that is not even the good part. The best part is watching the boys enjoy the very favourable gift that’s the puzzle box.

There are of course many things which may come from this, action figures, comics, accessories, t-shirts, even scents (to engage the nerd in you when you have your morning coffee). Additionally, there are options, so you are not limited to Marvel alone either. There’s Harry Potter wands, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon ball Z, and many other pop culture Themes.

So basically there are many subscription boxes for men you may subscribe to. Be it for Sci-fi, fantasy or any sort of genre, you will find always the ideal subscription boxes for men which you can buy to observe your fandom. Hey, not everyone is a collector but every fan loves collecting.

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