Morehead town is an attractive town for travel or visitors. People, there are very friendly. It has several historical sites. Some of them are coastal areas, museums, camping sites, parks, and many more. It magnetizes the eye of tourists with its beautiful views and places. Have fun, planning your holidays to this historic location town.

You can visit the History Museum of Carteret County, “The History Place.” This museum is also known as”The History Place.” It’s located at 1008 Arndell St, Morehead City. It reveals an extensive selection of artifacts and antiques. If you’re interested in history and wish to learn more about Morehead City, you should go to this museum that conserves and displays the legacy of Morehead City. This museum captivates by presenting unique history via the kind of antiques, art, clothing, furniture, and Civil War history collection, etc. besides, the memorial has an auditorium and a meeting area. You can be reserved for family gatherings or other occasions.

You or visitors may have fun watching games in O’Neal Field at Big Rock Stadium in afternoon and evening. It’s a place of great enjoyment for baseball lovers. O’Neal Field in Big Rock Stadium is a baseball field located in Mayberry Loop Rd, Morehead City. This scene is large enough for 1800 spectators. Moreover, you can explore Jaycee Park, which will be located at 807 Shepard St, Morehead City. This park is an attractive site with many water and space flowing.

The playground is acceptable for picnics. It’s swings, benches, and picnic tables. Concerts are held in the park per week or particularly in the weekend. Anyone can come and join. Most of the shows are free to the general public. This park is your right-center of delight for people. You are able to explore this park on the weekend and understand the musical taste of the city. Many different festivals and events held in this park. Additionally, there are many more unique and exciting places for your trip to Morehead City.

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