So I made perfumes (to benefit one of my favorite charities)! …

So I made perfumes (to benefit one of my favorite charities)!  They’re limited to 12 of each fragrance and there are a few of most of them left so I wanted to share them with you all. Each is a study of an aspect of the area where I live … tide, sun, farm and field. I wanted to limit the edition because scent is so connected to memory … example: I recently smelled Issey Miyake for Him in an airport store and was instantly in an old boyfriend’s apartment (eerie and actually sort of invasive). What if a scent could mark a time in your life, never to be revisited again? 

These were created for the Essex Artist’s Collective’s WILD show, so they’re called wild/fawn, wild/blaze, wild/moonlight and wild/zephyr.


Here’s a bit about them … They’re 8 mL perfume oil rollerballs in a base of organic coconut oil. Vegan, not tested on animals and proceeds benefit Abby’s House, one of the oldest women’s shelters in the U.S. (this is also where we gift our extra blog samples!). They have some natural separation because I didn’t go crazy with the solvents which are in many perfume blends – so just shake them if you need to.

wild / fawn is a jasmine oakmoss scent, a floral musk with topnotes of bitter orange and a rich, sensual drydown. It’s a study of some of the animalic aspects of jasmine and includes a drop of hand-distilled hydrosol made from clean hay from the barn where I ride. There are 3 left.

wild / blaze is neroli almond … warm, yummy like a day in the sun at the dunes where we spend lazy summer days. It has a white musk warm skin accord and a rich tonka bean and vanilla drydown, plus a slight sexy touch of hand-distilled smoked tobacco. It’s sold out though!

wild / moonlight is the greenest rose otto. It’s actually about the tidal estuary where our little boat lives, and the idea of femininity’s connection to the moon and constant change. It opens with sweet basil, with a heart of organic rose otto and a bite of cassis berry. There are 2 left.

wild / zephyr is a very fresh grassy oceanic scent about the wind coming across the fields where I live and a little bit about walking out to get the paper in the morning (simple things!). It’s almost genderless, opening with a linen accord, then a fresh grass heart … and it dries with an almost metallic, after-the-sea skin feel. It has a drop of hydrosol from wind-felled pine from a branch that nearly landed on my car … There is 1 left.

Does This: Perfume oils to benefit charity  
Is This: 8 mL perfume oil in coconut oil base
Get This: HERE
Price: $22.00

Special thanks to my friends/employers at Tru Fragrance for helping support this project through materials (rollerballs and labels and years of education). I hand-made them myself though! Not quitting my day job … the education continues (forever) regarding the amazing art of perfume.

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