New 2017 Pirelli Calendar by Peter Lindbergh Unveiled

The 2017 Pirelli Calendar has been revealed and spoiler: it’s amazing. Shot by one of my favorite photographers, the iconic, Peter Lindbergh, this calendar conveys “personality, sensitivity, and the guts to be yourself.” While the photos are incredible so is the fact that Lindbergh is the first in the industry to have shot three editions of this infamous Calendar. The Pirelli Calendar, which has been produced yearly since launching in 1963 has previously been shot by big industry names including Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel and Annie Leibovitz and has featured so many iconic models and celebrities. 

The 2017 star studded edition features the likes of Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, and other swoon worthy big screen names. The result was forty portrait and ambient photos taken in Berlin, L.A., New York, London and the French beach of Le Touquet.

Peter Lindbergy hosted an intimate discussion and cocktail party for the release during fashion week at Cipriani’s in NYC. I can’t tell you how serendipitous and exciting it was to meet him — of course it was outside the event when I was catching a cab home. He was mobbed at the party with fans, and frankly, I was too nervous to introduce myself until I found him next to me waiting for his car. Even through our picture is blurry, I don’t care, I was so incredibly excited to meet him. Especially since my friend Dan flew early from LA to come to the event with me. (He’s literally Peter Lindbergh’s #1 fan). Needless to say this was one of the highlights of my fashion week.

For more info about the making of this year’s calendar and the content, check out the Pirelli Calendar website here.

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The art of body language and how to snag a man or a brand campaign…

Outfit details: Eliza J Off The Shoulder Crop Top // Eliza J Ball Stripe Skirt (print coming soon!) // Aldo Stessy K heels // Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon

I can not believe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!!! Do you have anything special planned? I feel like the big new buzz word is Galentine, encouraging all the single ladies to get together and do parties which while I’m all about girl power and celebrating your love for your gal pals, there really is no substitute (although besties come close!) for finding a partner in life. I can tell you that as one of the most independent people on the planet, so much of my world would be lost if I couldn’t share it with James and there would be a void without his support. I know the dating scene is hard but with online dating it’s never been more convenient. Although I was shocked to learn that over half a million singles register with EliteSingles every month! Wowza! Are there any relationships left besides mine?

For all my single ladies (and gentleman), where are we going wrong? Is it date anxiety or are you just not finding good matches? I always had a lot of fun dating. Even when I knew we wouldn’t get passed the second date, I loved meeting new people and getting to know the person across the table from me. Now in a relationship a lot of my dating skills I use in my everyday life, when I’m partnering with brands. I always get questions about how I snag campaigns and get to work with so many brands and I 100% contribute it to my dating skills. Same for job interviews, it’s a lot of the same skill set, just tweaked.

Think about it, brands want to work with bloggers that are a good match for the brand (same with hiring), personality, how you dress, attitude, body language and your online profile all go into that decision making. EliteSingles just released a guide to help Americans tackle the most common insecurities they experience when dating, so they’re prepared for Valentine’s Day.

They partnered with industry experts to create masterclasses on the five key areas people are struggling with when dating. They cover fashion, dating etiquette, body language, profiles and the art of conversation. They are quick videos with advice that I think everyone should watch since their advice is so on point, and everything I consciously do to get ahead in my relationships. How you move and carry yourself, and your confidence all plays a role.

I go to a lot of events, which is my opportunity to meet with brands and impress them. It was the same with dating. When you look and feel your best, that’s when magic happens. Smiling, being engaging and welcoming without being aggressive is my general rule of thumb. That and listening (which is part of being engaging). Body language is everything; we say a lot more with how we move then even the words that come out of our mouth.

Kim Seltzer is the dating coach, therapist and personal image expert who does the Body Language video series. In one of the videos she sites 4 tips on how to use your body language to attract a person. Here’s a quick top line, although you should watch the video, they are only a few minutes long:

  1. Pay attention to what you put on your body – your clothes!
  2. Facial expressions, we respond to emotion. And our eyes show how people feel so make good eye contact. Also smile! It creates warmth.
  3. Have an open stance – don’t close your body off! Otherwise you come off guarded.
  4. Create a presence with your body language. Posture equals confidence.

The easiest example I can give is the photos above. What does it say about me? I meet readers all the time that tell me they feel like they know me from following my blog for so long and following me on Instagram.  What do my photos and words say about me? It’s not any different then when you look at an online dating profile and make immediate judgements based on what they are wearing, if they are smiling, how they are standing… Most of you are used to me being a bit of a fashionable tomboy. So for todays image, and because Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s also fashion week, I am glamming it up and dressed so girly. I LOVE this outfit but if you had never seen my tomboy side, what impressions do you get about me from the image and body language? Maybe that’s girly but flirty and confident. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t look at this and immediately think she looks shy or loves rock bands. Or that I’m totally low maintenance and take 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. Being conscious of who you are and who you want to be at any given moment should play a roll in how you dress and move. Sometimes, I’m guarded and in my own space, and sometimes I want to be the life of the party. Much like some times I’m a total rocker and other times I love being girly.

Most importantly the videos and advice isn’t to make you someone your not, it’s bring out your best qualities and show people who you are.  I’ve had a lot of women and men tell me they have a hard time being themselves on dates so practice and take this advice. When people say ‘be yourself’ they mean the person they see and love, not some warped version they become in front of a stranger.  The whole point of a date is to get to know the other person.

You can view all the videos and advice here at

I hope you all have a magical Valentine’s Day! xoLara

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Pillow Talk

If there are two pillows in this world I feel like you should know about it’s the M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey and Night Pillow. One is a massager that effortlessly blends in with your accent pillows thanks to their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey. And the other is a memory foam pillow that offers the ultimate support and comfort on your spine and neck and multiple hair and skincare benefits because of it’s silk cover. More below on what makes these my current must haves!

M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey – This pillow is my world, you can use it sitting up, lying down to target any part of your body or step on it for the ultimate foot massage. It features 4 heated massage nods that work those knots and tight muscles. Their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey make them blendable into any home decor, you can even change the pillow-case as seen above should your interior change. I have a bulky massage hiding under my bed, and now with the M Cushion can get rid of the old one and just blend this into my home. Also with other I needed to lay on it and having the flexibility to sit up or lie down with it is a major game changer.

Night Pillow – Probably one of my best beauty tips is to stop sleeping on cotton. Invest in some silk pj’s and at the very least a silk pillowcase or go completely next level with the Night Pillow.  It’s a magical memory foam pillow offers so much support for your neck and spine and it’s wrapped in a silk cover. So why does that matter? Cotton can be abrasive on your skin and hair, while silk helps minimize wrinkles because you’re resting and rubbing your face on smooth, silky surface, it also wicks moisture so it’s not soaking up your skincare products. Instead it’s keeping it on your skin where it needs to be to work. Silk also has hair benefits from reducing split ends by being gentle on strands to helping preserve that blowout and shiny hair so bedhead is not in your future. The Night Pillow is also hypoallergenic! You can see my more in depth review from this previous post! I’m not sure if this code still works from when I did my original review but you can try my discount code: prettyconnected20 for 20% off any purchase on their site,

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MB45 Express Mani and Blowout in 45 Minutes Opens in NYC

MB45, a new blowout bar in Tribeca features a cool downtown vibe and the most efficient staff in the city. In a city like NYC where time is money, for $65 not only do you get a professional blowout, but you simultaneously get a mani as well – all done in 45 minutes!! When I asked the owners, but how do you ensure a 45 minute timeline on someone with long or thicker hair? The response was if needed, two people will work on the client. That’s commitment!

From the founder of Maria Bonita salon, Maria Bonita herself who’s signature salon is a full service salon and wax studio in Soho and Fernanda Lacerda, the duo have joined forces to give clients the most efficient 45 minutes of their week.  Plus this express bar is so downtown cool and artsy! I love the interior! And they use R+Co products which are kind of the best and Morgan Taylor nail polish (it’s good to take note of which brands salons partner with, it’s very revealing). Sneak over during your lunch break or right after work without spending hours on end prepping for your night out.

This is a must visit for anyone (like myself) who feels there aren’t enough hours in the day, I just hope they open more locations! They also offer a “Plus” service which includes braids, updos, makeup if you have a little more time.  You can even book online at

MB45, 93 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013,  212.546.7988

-Guest Post by Gia Broccoli D’Onofrio

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Unexpected Holiday Guide For Everyone On Your List!


Happy almost holidays everyone! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, I have searched internet, visited the gift shows and found some amazing, unusual food, tech and happy gifts to help you find something original and fun — and more importantly something that everyone on your list will love.

Gourmand Gifts


  1. Maille Maison Fondee En 1747 Gourmet Truffle Gifts
  2. Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24)
  3. TheWand by Pure Wine ($24.99/8 pack)
  4. Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Candle ($52)
  5. Compartes Chocolate Bar ($9.95)
  6. Drop Bottle ($40)

Oprah turned me onto the joy of food themed gifts (she includes has quite a few recommendations in her ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things‘ issue, you can shop her list HERE. This inspired me to pick some food themed gifts that are great for all different types of foodies and boozers. Maille makes so many distinguished condiments, from savory mustards (rosemary mustard anyone?) to designer vinegar, and Gourmet Truffle Gifts all wrapped in exquisite packaging, that make a great gift for the sophisticated chefs on your list. For the boozers that like to fly The Carry On Cocktail has everything you need to make a cocktail (i in bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, Champagne), just add alcohol, they supply the rest. For the red wine lover, there’s TheWand, which lets you enjoy any bottle without the side effects. Featuring 8 individually wrapped wine filters that removes histamines and sulfites, just place TheWand in a 6oz glass of wine. Swirl and soak for at least 3 minutes, discard and enjoy! Another booze favorite, is Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Candle, which I’ve given so many tough to shop for men (I also usually have one burning in my apt). It smells amazing, has up to 60 hours of burn time and zero calories. For the chocoholic I’m a little obsessed with Compartes Chocolate Bars. Half of the reason is the amazing packaging that’s so fun and a great add on to any gift. They taste amazing, and have so many interesting and delicious flavors. Lastly for the health freak in all of us (especially after the holidays, Drop Bottle — which I discovered on Oprah’s Favorite Thing, has a built in infuser so you can add lemon, cucumber, oranges or whatever strikes your fancy to your water.

Tech on a Budget Gifts


  1. Picture Keeper Connect ($120)
  2. myCharge Hubmax ($99.99)
  3. Verloop Stripe Trio Glove ($38)
  4. My Audio Pet $24.99)
  5. HButler Orbit Key & Phone Finder ($29.99)
  6. Brouk & Co Travel Cord Roll ($9)

I love a good techy gift that will make my life easier. Picture Keeper Connect is a USB you connect to your phone and lets you download all of your pictures! The app is pricy, but great for anyone that wants to back up their entire phone when the cloud isn’t cutting it. I’m walking sales person for the myCharge Hubmax, it’s literally the only portable charger you need in this world. Sure it’s a little bulky BUT what do you do when your phone dies and your charger dies? In the case of the Hubmax you plug it in! The plug adaptor makes sharing your portable charger when you’re out so much more comfortable because you know you can find an outlit and recharge it on the go. Not that you’ll need to… once it’s fully charged it last forever. I’ll admit the next 4 items I got from Oprah’s Favorite Things list. The Verloop Stripe Trio Glove is 3 individual touchscreen gloves that actually works, and My Audio Pet is the cutest mini bluetooth speaker and great for travel.  The HButler Orbit Key & Phone Finder should be on everyones list, it’s only $29.99 and lets you use an app to locate your keys from your phone or your phone if you have your keys… genius! Lastly, if you have a tendency to travel only to unpack and find all of your cords tangled, you need the Brouk & Co Travel Cord Roll. $9 is a small price to pay to save yourself the annoyance of everything tangled.

Good Vibe Gifts:


  1. Power Your Happy: Work Hard, Play Nice & Build Your Dream Life by Lisa Sugar
  2. Bottled Brooklyn I’m The Shit Mirror ($15.95)
  3. Affirmators! 50 affirmation cards to help you help yourself- without the self-help-ness! ($11.95)
  4. Kate Spade Posy Court Small Heart Dish ($20)
  5. What Would You Attempt Paperweight ($36)

I’m currently reading Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar, the founder of POPSUGAR, and find myself so inspired and with striking similarities to a woman I’ve admired for some time. It’s a great read for recent college grads, or anyone looking to do a career change or needs some extra motivation in their lives.  It’s filled with great advice and a very enjoyable read.  The best gift on this list may be the Bottle Brooklyn Mirrors, they are only $15.95 and have so many awesome sayings on them like “I’m The Shit”, “You Know You Can”, “K!ll!ing !t” and so many more! One of my favorite birthday present was these Affirmators! cards. They have a unicorn on the cover, and I read one every day and fills my day with job. The Kate Spade Heart Dish that reads “in the right place” is a pleasure to have on my nightstand and put my rings and small jewelry items before bed. It’s a nice note and makes a great Secret Santa gift. Uncommon Goods is a great site to shop if you’re looking for unique gifts. One of my favorite items to order is this What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? Paperweight. I have one on my desk my mom bought me at graduation and is probably one of handful of things I still own since graduating.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Art Basel Miami Diaries


Every year I look forward to going to Miami for Art Basel. It’s been nice in NYC as of late but usually by this time it’s freezing and I’m itching for the beach and some warm weather. And Art Basel is the most fun time to visit Miami! There are art shows happening non-stop (not just Art Basel, but Scope, NADA, Pulse and many others), plus so many brands are out throwing parties. And it’s a great meeting point for bloggers across the country, I love seeing everyone in Miami!

I traveled with Kristi from Currently Crushing, Joel from What Do Men Wear and my bad a$$ makeup artist bestie, Jenny Smith. We stayed at the cutest boutique hotel, The Beacon on 7th and Collins, which is a very central part of South Beach.


We covered a lot of ground in our 5 day trip with so many exciting parties and events. We met so many amazing people and saw incredible art throughout the week. One of my favorite events included a piece of art, I got to take home… my eye! LensCrafters hosted an amazing private brunch at the The Delano hotel to celebrate art and their CLAIFYE Digital Technology — basically it’s an eye exam where they scan your eyes to detect your prescription. No more crazy drops and blurred vision, it’s a total game changer — I did a few months ago (check out my experience HERE). If you’re overdue for an eye exam, definitely read that article before making an appointment. The event also featured artist Jose Vergara, who specializes in drawing eyes, how amazing is the one he did of mine!?!?!


Style Icon and my dear friend, Patricia Field was out in Miami doing a series of events and fashion shows to promote her ArtFashion initiative. Featuring one of a kind pieces hand painted by some of her top artists on display at the White Dot Gallery, you can view the current collection on her site:


Wilmer Valderrama or as I like to call him Fez from That 70s Show! (I also loved him in From Prada to Nada), hosted Men’s Night Out for Macy’s private label, INC at The Oasis at The Raleigh Hotel. Lets just say there were a lot of good looking guys, a trampeline and open bar, which is pretty much the perfect recipe for fun.

Easily one of the craziest parties was the 50 Parties Ryan McGinness Book Launch. Hosted in the garden at the Standard Hotel, the event served to recreate some of the memorable parties Ryan McGinness hosted, including a tattoo parlor — yes, live tattoos happened! And that wasn’t even the craziest part… I won’t elaborate further, you can click the site for that, but it was wild!


Vanity Projects hosted the CND Art Basel Design Lab where they flew in top nail artists from around the country including my girl, @MissPopNails who gave Kristi and I the most bad a$$ manicures.


 Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Division and CEO of TAG HEUER announced their partnership with street art star, Alec Monopoly! Hosted at the Mondrian South Beach, his work was on display and I fan girled out for a minute when I got to meet him.

kyboe-pop-up-maimi-art-basel kyboe-party-marc-bell-art-basel-miami

It wouldn’t be a trip to Miami without a Kyboe! party. Marc Bell the founder hosted a super fun pool party at SLS which also served up a pop-up shop for the watch brand. They were featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things and I’m wearing THIS MODEL in the photo above.


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim hosted a special celebration featuring the work of  Laura Kimpton at the Skydeck Miami. I hadn’t been to that location but it was a fabulous roopf top space overlooking all the shops on one of the main drags in South Beach.


I take no convincing to go to a champagne party, and PERRIER-JOUËT hosted back to back events at CASA FUENA. Featuring creative, acrobatic performances and bubbly flowing on every floor, it was a sexy scene and a complete blast!


LuluLemon hosted LuluLemon [om]eBASEL, which was the cutest space ever! Hosted at a private residence that is dream home status, it opens to a private deck and water where guests had the opportunity to do everything from meditate, yoga classes to paddle board. And the interior featured good for you snacks and beverages to recharge and an art room, which I pretended was my makeup studio in the shot above. It was the calm in the storm that was my Art Basel experience.

And because no trip to Miami would be complete without a beauty interview I chatted all things fillers with the specialists at Botox LABB. They specialize in Botox and are strictly a Botox and filler bar (no plastic surgery), so we chatted about the latest ‘it’ treatment, Kybella! It’s the only FDA injectable treatment that destroys fat cells under the chin and basically takes all the fat away. It’s only done once and lasts forever! I fortunately don’t have neck fat yet, but they suggested that the earlier it’s done, the better since taking up a few centimeters is easier then an inch or so. Also be ready for 2 weeks of intense swelling, like hide your neck in a scarf or don’t leave the house. You can learn more about it at and if you do it, I expect an email telling me everything!

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