Going for the Rose Gold with Kevin Murphy

I’m so obsessed with Kevin Murphy!!!!! I’ve admired his products for so long but getting the opportunity to spend the afternoon with him took my admiration to the next level. What an absolutely delightful person, who completely lived up to his hype. After months of struggling with my hair color — I loved being blonde but the colorists I was working with a few months back kept giving me weird highlights at the root and the intense black root to blonde highlight was not working for me at all. Expecting full well to walk into my color appointment with Kevin and ask for an ombre or some way of fixing the disaster that was my hair, he alongside his amazing Director of Color, Kate Reid had something else in mind: rose gold.

So in an unexpected turn of events, I got rose gold hair, with these beautiful highlights that gave my color and hair so much dimension.  I am obsessed! Kevin Murphy has such unique colors and vision, and this was the perfect tone for me. I love how they worked with me to create a custom color that worked for my skintone. Kevin Murphy also launched 5 new products for spring, four of which are available now with another launching in April. See below for details!

The five new products include:

1 & 2: SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH (shampoo) and SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE (conditioner), which is targeted to soften, thick, frizz-prone hair and make it more manageable. It’s a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that closes the hair cuticles so strands are smooth and shiny without weighing hair down.

3. Powder Puff (volumizing powder) – If you’re a Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER fan, that is the spray version of this product. It’s a volumizing powder with hold and texture and it instantly creates that 60s volume look without having to tease your hair. It has some grit to it but you only need to tap a little bit.  This isn’t a product that dissolves and is weightless it’s in there to do a job, and it does it well!

4. LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, which is great for all hair types and is super light and helps add strength and reduce breakage. It helps nourish dry, brittle hair and great for anyone like me that does a lot of chemical services.

5. SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE. Launching for spring (April to be more exact), this is like skincare or a highlighter for your hair–think luminous skin but for hair, so luminous hair goals. As you can see from the top to bottom picture it’s violet colored, and when shaken it creates this really pretty, prismatic shimmer that reflects light. To use, shake the bottle and walk through like you would perfume (if you were spritzing it on your hair instead of neck). The idea is when you spritz it, it’s like adding 100 violet mirrors reflecting light so it adds more dimension and your blonde looks really crisp and reflective. This product is ideal for blondes (grey hair works too) that feel like their color is getting dull or lifeless.

Learn more at kevinmurphy.com.au

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How I Style My Hair: Easy Laid Back Waves

Today we’re talking hair! Specifically how I’ve been styling mine. Questions have been rolling in over social media recently wanting to know how I’ve been achieving my go to style – easy laid back waves, so today I’m going to give you a step by step guide to literally the simplest hair look ever!

I’ve also teamed up with TRESemmé for this post as, drumroll please.. I’ll be flying out to New York with them on Friday for Fashion Week! Without doubt TRESemmé are a hair staple these days, and I’ve used three of their best styling products in todays look. Perfect hair isn’t always easy, and this season TRESemmé want to inspire and empower you to #WorkIt with their huge range of products to get the look you love, whether that’s laid back and lived in, or glammed up super chic! I’ll also be going backstage with them for a handful of shows, so expect to see a lot of NYFW content coming your way soon!

– This is a sponsored post in collaboration with TRESemmé –

Step One: Boost

This style honestly couldn’t be easier to fit into your routine, as it literally takes me ten minutes to wiz through every morning. Prep is key to a quick style though, so I usually start things off the night before when I wash my hair. Volume is the number one for me when it comes to my hair aspirations, and mousse is one of the best products to use for this.

Starting with damp hair I comb through about a golf ball sized amount of the TRESemmé Volume & Lift Mousse with my fingers, concentrating it at the roots. A quick blast of the hair dryer leaves my hair with long-lasting fullness without the sticky texture of a dry spray, as well as all the weightless volume I could ever need!

Don’t forget to run whats left in your hands into the rest of your hair too, as this is going to hold in the waves when we come to using heat.

Step Two: Protect

Before you step anywhere near the curling wand though, protecting your hair is key. The TRESemmé Heat Defense Styling Spray has been around ever since I picked up my first pair of GHD’s a long, long time ago. It keeps hair safe up to 230 degrees and increases softness and shine too.

I honestly think I’ve stuck with this spray for so long because the nozzle is just the best (weirdo alert, I know). A lot of spray products can end up leaving a whole lot of product in one little spot on your head – not great when I’m trying my best to protect every single overprocessed, overworked strand! Whereas the spritz on this is such a fine mist it covers lightly and evenly all over.


Step Three: Texture

Next, onto the main part of this routine – adding the waves. My tool of choice is a medium tapered curling wand, but you can also get a similar effect with straighteners if you have those to hand. The most important part of achieving lose falling curls is actually how you hold the wand. With much trial and error I’ve found pointing it down and at a forty-five degree angle (or thereabouts) gives the best curl formation.

Also the way in which you wrap the hair makes a huge difference too. If you twist as you go, things are going to end up on the 80’s side of kinky, so make sure you keep the hair flat and straight against the wand. Try not to overthink it though – with practice you’ll have the technique down in your sleep.


While the hair is cooling, pull apart the curls with your fingers. This breaks up the texture into waves and gives a much more seperated effect than brushing out with a comb, and doesn’t leave them as broken down as running your hands all the way through.

Step Four: Hold

Depending on your hair texture this style might last all day, but for my naturally straight and flat hair I like the guaranteed hold of a setting product. The Extra Hold Hairspray from TRESEmmé is seriously heavy duty in keeping loose waves in place, but without any of the stiffness you’d usually think came hand in hand with a maximum hold spray.

My hair still feels soft enough to run my fingers through after this step and I also like to spray some through the roots for a last boost of volume, as well as keeping flyaways at bay. It’s humidity resistant as well – perfect for the frizz prone, humid streets of NYC!

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Long Sexy Hair

This post was sponsored by Sexy Hair through their partnership with ShopStyle Collective. While I was compensated to write a post about their Sexy Hair products, all opinions are my own. 

The only thing I want more than Sexy Hair is Long Sexy Hair! Especially since my epic chop two years ago, it’s taken me a long time to enter back into the long hair zone. And now with the all the color in my hair, growing it and keeping it healthy has been a daily battle.

Sexy Hair, who’s Big Sexy Hair collection I’m already obsessed with – their Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray has a permanent residence in my bathroom, just launched a new collection Long Sexy Hair. They also added a new Silk Finish to their Big Sexy Hair collection.

The new Long Sexy Hair collection is ideal for long hair and extensions and consists of the Color Safe Luxurious Shampoo, Color Safe Luxurious Conditioner, Luxe Detangler, Luxe Blow Out Spray and Luxe Dry Shampoo. The whole range features Moringa Oil and Biotin to nourish hair and add shine. Most of you are familiar with biotin – I even take supplements of it as a hair growth supplement. In hair products it’s used to strengthen the surface of strands and protect against breakage. Moringa Oil I’m new to but after reading about it on the internet I’m utterly impressed and not sure why this is new to my vocabulary. It has a plethora of benefits for not just hair but for skin and your overall health as well. For hair though it’s great for moisturizing the scalp and also strengthening hair by delivering important minerals and vitamins to the follicles.

I mix and match my hair and styling products a lot but this is one of those collections where the whole collection is so ideal and offers everything for my hair type. It offers moisture, shine and health while preventing hair from excessive dryness, dullness and damage resulting in better detangling. The Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner are color safe and free of SL/SLE Sulfates, Gluten and Parabens, which makes it gentle and ideal for my bleached strands. The Luxe Detangler is a leave in spray for extra moisture and nourishment, which my strands desperately need for detangling since it’s so dry from the winter air and all my color. The Luxe Blow Out Spray is a heat protectant I use before flat ironing my hair to prevent against further heat damage.

I do confess that while I’m handy with a flat iron and curling iron, I’m completely deficient in blowdrying my hair straight. It’s part of the reason I get a lot of blow-outs since it’s been more of a challenge getting my hair really smooth and not looking too dry when I flat iron it. I am able to get salon looking hair status on my own when using the whole collection. And that’s even before the two new finishing products that I am in love with.

The Long Sexy Hair Luxe Dry Shampoo works amazing for some lift in the roots either right after blow drying/flat ironing your hair or as a next day hair refresher. The new Big Sexy Hair Silk Finish I use from the hair shaft down to smooth out my stands, especially at the ends. Just apply a little to your palms, rub together to emulsify and then apply. You can use it on wet or dry hair but my preference is on dry since the results are so instant.

Get 15% off the Long Sexy Hair product line with code: ‘LONG’ on sexyhair.com.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Xo Lara @prettyconnected.

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The Year of You and Dove #LoveYourHair

This will be my final blog post of the year, and my partnership with Dove for the #LoveYourHair campaign is the perfect way to end 2016. As the year comes to a close, I’m constantly asked to share my predictions of the beauty landscape for 2017. What does the future hold?

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Strong is Beautiful

The hair envy is real every time I see the Selena Gomez’ Pantene commercial where she’s tousling her hair back and it’s shiny and perfect! Since 1945 Pantene has been studying hair and committed to developing products for all different unique hair types with one goal in mind: healthy, beautiful hair. The brand is all about helping women around the globe be strong and shine both inside and out, which is so evident in their choice of spokespersons. Did you hear they just tapped Ronda Rousey as their new brand ambassador?

Since going bleach blonde, I need some extra help these days in getting these strands healthy, so I’ve been using the Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Miracle Repairing Shampoo and Protecting Conditioner. Formulated with their iconic Pro-V nutrients, which is in all of their shampoos and conditioners, this helps prevent and repair the signs of damage, to restore health and shine. The Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect collection includes concentrated moisturizers and conditioners that help reduce hair friction and tangles while smoothing the hair to provide damage protection.

I have thin hair, but a lot of it so it looks thick and my roots get oily, while the rest is dry/damaged from all the color. The Repair & Protect Shampoo has a rich lather and cleaned my roots without stripping my color or all the oils in my hair, while the conditioner smoothed it out. My hair is so overly processed I need a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner with every wash. It’s usually impossible for me to be able to weave my hands through my hair in the shower without hitting a knot but the conditioner from this line is so hydrating and nourishing, my hand goes right through. A few areas in the back sometimes need some extra help getting the tangles out. When that happens I just added some more conditioner as I would a deep conditioning treatment and leave it on for 20 seconds massaging it in, and miraculously it detangles.

The Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Collection can help repair up to six months of damage in one use and provide continued round-the-clock protection. It’s designed with concentrated moisturizers and conditioners to help reduce hair friction and tangles while smoothing the hair to provide damage protection. It’s definitely the collection for me since reducing damage and making my hair smoother and healthier is my number one priority. I’m not ready to take these strands down a dead end.

When my hair looks great, I feel great. And I don’t always have time to style it so if a shampoo and conditioner can make my hair look full and healthy without a heat process, that’s the best! And then maybe some flexible hairspray to help hold it in place. The Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner made my hair so clean, fluffy and soft with loads of volume. In these photos I have no additional styling products in my hair, just the shampoo and conditioner, fresh out of the shower.I do also usually use the Pantene Pro-V Airspray Flexible Hold Hairspray when leaving my hair natural. It’s probably my favorite Pantene product and the hairspray I use the most. Some of you may remember I was at the launch party for this product and was blown away since it is the first non-alcohol hairspray on the market. Alcohol dries out your hair so having an alternative was such a breakthrough! It’s the only hairspray I use regularly because I can’t afford the damage of an alcohol version on a regular bases.

Pantene’s commitment to innovation and women to create quality products at affordable prices has always set them apart. The Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Collection and more Pantene Pro-V Hair Care products are available on Amazon. Having your hair products shipped to your home is a huge time-saver!

This post was sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PANTENE. The opinions and text are all mine.

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