Geared for More with Adidas Golf

Growing up I used to love going to the driving range with my dad. It was one of my most favorite father-daughter activities. Granted I was terrible and no idea the difference between a driver and a putter but I had decent form and if I played my cards right (or had some blind luck) the stars would align and I’d hit a perfectly fluid shot. And it was the best feeling ever! Since then I’ve stayed at a number of exceptional properties that offer golfing but always felt intimidated hitting the course without my dad. Or maybe it was because I’m an adult now and being the competitive athlete that I am, I wasn’t ready to completely bomb at something.

After this week in Palm Springs and some motivation from Adidas Golf, I could not have been more pumped! I’ve been a longtime Adidas fan and I’m so excited to be partnering with them this summer to take lessons and test out their gear. Their Geared for More campaign is all about bringing your A-game to the course and preparing for victory. Between that and visiting the beautiful Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort (located in Rancho Mirage, right outside of Palm Springs) I was ready to bury my intimidated attitude and really take advantage of the property — and at the very least blend in.

I mean, how cute is this outfit? I’m channeling my inner pro golfer that vacations at PGA properties and spending more time in a golf cart than actual car. And speaking of the clothes, the fabric in this Golf Double Stripe Short Sleeve Polo is magic. I’ve been melting in the sun and not a single sweat mark! It’s moisture-wicking makes me look so dry and breathes so well! Also the top is a UPF50, which means it has a protection from the sun (think SPF 50 level), which is so necessary on the course. The Essentials 5 Shorts Women’s Shorts are super lightweight and move comfortably. Topped off with the Climacross Boost Women’s Golf Shoes, which are hands down my favorite, such a perfect hybrid between a golf shoe and running sneaker. Excellent grip combined with side mesh makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. It also features their Torsion System to stabilize feet while walking and swinging. I felt very secure in my stance when hitting and love the look of them!

As for golfing this week, I had the most fun ever! I actually don’t want to leave the property and prefer to wake up to this every morning. I played back to back for two days. I didn’t want to stop! The property offers two championship courses as well as a driving range with the most exceptional views of the mountains. There’s also a practice putting and chipping area so I never felt in the way of the more pro golfers as I was learning all the different techniques.

For right now I’m focused on perfecting my “L to L” swing and form in general but hopefully in a few months I’m ready to take on the 18 hole! Also I’m not going to lie, riding around in a golf cart is like half the fun, especially with Charlie as my passenger (although he had to stay in the cart the whole time — not that he minded!).

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Lululemon-ing around with the Rove Foam Roller 01

I’ve talked a lot about my back injury from a few years ago when I herniated a disc and a foam roller has been a staple in my home ever since. As it should be for virtually everyone since we’re all tight somewhere and I have yet to find a tool that rivals it. Until now. Or maybe the better way to phrase it is take it to the next level.
Last week I stopped by Lululemon to learn about the Rove Foam Roller 01 from it’s co-founder + Bespoke Treatment Physical Trainer Daniel Giordano.  The Rove Foam Roller 01 is a durable, versatile and highly effective product that significantly improves the way athletes prepare and recover for physical feats to improve health — anywhere! Unlike the foam roller I have at home, this one lays flat making it ideal for packing and travel and then curls and hook to form the classic foam roller shape. See below the 3 photos of Daniel Giordano and I and how he rolls it from virtually the size of a Macbook air laid flat to the more standard foam roller size when curled.

For all of us that travel and roll, especially for athletes, this is a major breakthrough! Next big difference beyond the shape is it’s actually not made of foam, and the surface isn’t smooth (although there are some textured foam rollers on the market). This one has hard acupuncture-like-mat surface knobs which work so much deeper. As I rolled switching between a classic foam roller and the Rove Foam Roller 01 the amount of pressure and experience had a clear difference for the better. It weighs about 8 lbs and is currently available for pre-sale at a reduced price of $89 (regularly $129), with an estimated delivery of March 207 on

 Also how hot are my new threads from Lululemon!?! Outfit details: Lululemon Hot Like Angi Pant, Tie It Up Singlet Tank, and Fast Lane Sports Bra. They have so many good prints right now, I’m lucky I made it out with my life savings intact.
As for the Rove Foam Roller 01, I ordered it when I got home. I’m trying to downsize everything and so excited for this new roller to arrive. The one I currently have is way too tall and bulky. Also I realized how much more there is to foam rolling then the routine exercises I do. Daniel showed me a few moves including putting one leg over the other to stretch and roll out my calve muscles. I also picked up this book, Foam Rolling by Sam Woodworth, that features 60 restorative exercises so I’m ready when my Rove Foam Roller 01 arrives.

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The Chill Space NYC: Cryosauna, Infrared Sauna and Float Experience

I ended last week at the Chill Space NYC for an epic, and unexpected spa experience. Relaxation came in the form of a 3 minute Chill Cryosauna, followed by a 30 minute detoxifying Infrared Sauna and ended in an hour float. The Chill Space also offers therapeutic massages for the ultimate and more conventional way to relax. But lets get to the fun stuff!


The coldest 3 minutes of my life. I HATE the cold, so I was terrified of this. You step into a cushioned, upright bed, with your head out of the machine and then shriek as the cryosauna pulsates nitrogen mist at a temperature of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold but somehow the time flew by and I walked out feeling amazing. Again, I HATE the cold but what an incredible rush. My body felt amazing and awake. It definitely lived up to the endorphin release, “runner’s high” feel that I was not expecting. I can’t believe I loved it! (Did I mention I HATE the cold?).

**This service is recommended for pain relief, decrease inflammation, increase metabolism, relief for arthritic conditions, acute and chronic injure.

Infrared Sauna

I’ve done an Infrared wrap before but apparently the Infrared Sauna is next level. With a wrap you get one wavelength of infrared but with this specific Infrared Sauna it offers three separate wavelengths of infrared light and the radiant heat emitted from the full spectrum sauna penetrates deeply into the muscles and joints to alleviate pain and remove impurities on a cellular level. Basically it’s going deep! It’s like all the benefits we want from Infrared without the harmful UVA/UVB rays we want to stay away (Ie what causes cancer and skin damage from the sun). The temperature was comfortable, I didn’t feel like I was in a sweat lodge and was relaxing. You just lay and relax in the sauna for 30 minutes while relaxing music plays in the background. I found the 30 minute timeline to be perfect because towards the end I started to sweat and my body felt ready to get out. There’s a shower in the room with the sauna and the cool off felt amazing after exiting.

**This service increased lymphatic circulation as well as blood flow to the skin and relaxes facial tension. Improves would healing, detoxifies and mimics the effects of mild exercise.

Floatation Therapy

After the sauna, I went downstairs for an hour float, where basically you lay in a giant (only a few feet deep) tub (think upgraded kiddie pool in tub form), and just meditate and relax. Once your laying you can turn off the lights and music and just be. It’s unusually relaxing to just zen out and float and just go to a different universe. Don’t worry, the lights and music comes back on when the hour is up so you know to get out.

** This service is great for anxiety, insomnia, pain and stress relief. It’s the perfect way to reset and physically and mentally relax.

You can book the services together or individually.  All three are must tries but I warn you do not make plans the rest of the day. I was complete jello. Unless you just do the Cryosauna, I felt on top of the world and exhilarated after. The other two put me in a complete, relaxation trance. I didn’t want to think or move.

The Chill NYC is located a124 East 40th Street, Suite 603, NYC. Learn more at

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Just do it…


The start of a new year is always a time of reflection for me. I’m more about making goals then resolutions, and looking for ways to better myself. I’ve been traveling so much I’ve fallen off my workout schedule, so now that I’m home I’m hoping to get back into a routine. And I’ve been making a cautious effort to be more active during the day.


Outfit details (all available at JCP):

Nike Solid Leggings

Xersion Mesh t-shirt

Xersion Studio Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie (on sale!)






Charlie has been a big help with that. Having just rescued him, this is our first winter together and he’s probably one of the best things for getting me outside an extra 2-3 times a day no matter what the weather is. He’s a senior dog so it’s important he gets good exercise – and it’s obviously important to me as well. Every morning we race off the front steps and sprint to the coffee shop to get our heart rates up and then take an extended walk around the neighborhood as I caffeinate. In the afternoon we run errands, he’s also the perfect weight of 8lbs so carrying him around is my guaranteed daily arm workout. Then in the evenings we take a brisk run around the block to get our bodies moving.

JCPenney has been a really incredible partner for me this year and where I buy a lot of my workout gear. They have so many affordable styles and have great sales! I buy a lot from Nike, which has top performance gear (I love their Dri-FIT styles), and Xersion for their great basics. Mostly in black so my workout clothes are more versatile, plus black is slimming. I love a done up workout look as much as the next girl, but for my everyday life, I need effortless and affordable clothes that are on-trend and easy to work into my wardrobe. My entire look can be worn while I’m exercising or as separates mixed in with other staples from my closet for when I’m running around doing errands. The athlesiure trend isn’t going anywhere so it’s so worth it for me to find clothes that don’t have to just be worn when hitting the gym. One of my favorite recent finds is this Xersion Studio Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie (on sale for $19.99). I get cold easily and have been looking for a longer hoodie since I hate when I stretch and my shirt rides up above my stomach. This one covers my elongated torso and then some and is a great layering piece. Plus it’s so comfortable!

What are your go-to workout brands and clothes? Let me know, leave a comment or chat with me on social: @prettyconnected.

Thank you JCPenney for collaborating with me on this post!


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Skinny Start 2 Week Fitness Challenge


Like the rest of the world I have some fitness goals for the new year which is why I’m partnering with POPSUGAR to take their January Jump-Start Challenge. It’s a 2-week plan that’s all about you and a ‘clean’ diet with meal recipes and at-home workout plan. While I won’t be following it to a tee (I’m a vegetarian), I am committing to not drinking and eating healthy. I also scheduled a 3 day ‘Skinny Start‘ day juice cleanse from Raw Generation to help keep me on track. I’ll be posting on Instagram the next few weeks with my progress and to help keep me honest. I’m also permanently keeping my yoga matte, jump rope, stretch band and foam roller in my living room to keep me motivated. Also my weights, which are 8 lbs each, which conveniently is how much Charlie weight so I may be redefining puppy aerobics.

Day one went really well, I loved the Day 1 smoothie recipe they posted! A few of you asked over snapchat/instastories for more details so I’m posting all the links below:

If you want to join in on social tag @POPSUGARFitness and @ShopStyleCollective and include the hashtags #PSJumpStart and #ssCollective — and let me know you’re doing it too! xoLara @prettyconnected

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Reebok x Gigi Hadid x Blueprint Cleanse


Outfit details:

Reebok Dance Strappy Bra ($50)

Reebok Cardio Pinnacle Tight ($90)

Reebok Studio Reflective Jacket ($350)

Reebok Hayasu Reflective sneakers ($90)

Cleanse: BluePrint 3 day Foundation


After last weeks trip to North Carolina I was a mess. My stomach was over traveling. I was feeling puffy like you don’t even know from my unstoppable salt intake (I blame my soy sauce addiction), and I was in no way feeling any type of bikini ready for my trip to Cancun. Truth be told back to back traveling is exciting but it takes a mega toll on your body, and if I’m being honest my stomach has been in knots since the election which hasn’t helped anything. My body does not handle stress well. This is my first weekend back in NY for the foreseeable future and I decided to take advantage of it. Cleanse, workout and sleep (in between the massive amount of work I had to get done). I did the 3 day Blueprint Cleanse which I usually do every year (but need to upgrade to every 3-6 months). Full review below! My friends at Six:02 also hooked me up with Reebok’s HOT new Perfect Never” collection featuring Gigi Hadid — she looks amazing in the campaign boxing and being fabulous like she does. I haven’t been working out lately because of all the traveling and whenever I break my habits, I have such a hard time getting back into it! Having actual time this weekend and this sick outfit and beautiful weather definitely helped kick my a$$ back into running and more importantly stretching.




Quick impressions of the clothes: The jacket is so cool, I love the texture but wish it wasn’t cropped (just an extra 1-2 inches so my 6-pack-less stomach had a little more coverage. It’s not insulated and carries a hefty $350 price tag but I haven’t seen a jackets this cool in a while. More affordable are the leggings ($90) which I’m obsessed with. They run big (the size small feels like a medium/large on me) so for sure go down a size, but they are so comfortable. I lived in them all weekend and never want to take them off. They move with me and the design us excellent. The sports bra ($50) is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever owned (two photos up you see the back). Too bad it’s not sized for my body. I’m a size small top with a large bust so unfortunately none of the sizes really fit (an adjustable back would have been amazing) but if you’re a proportionate individual, this is a MUST own. I show the back because I’ll spare you the peep show from the front, but check it out on the model.  The sneakers are like swim shoes meets sneakers, and offer great support and such a chic design.


Now for the quick fix to de-bloat and get my stomach back on track, I did Blueprint Cleanse! I signed up for 3 days but now wishing I went 6! Wouldn’t that be crazy?! The rundown in 6 juices/day, each numbered, you pick how many days. You space them out and drink only water/tea in between and your last juice should be 2 hours before you go to bed. There’s also a cheat sheet if you’re going crazy that includes black coffee, celery, cucumber, avocado, vegetable broth… you get the 411 when you sign up or on the website.

Blueprint Cleanse

First off, was BluePrint hard? Absolutely. Did I cheat — I did! But I was reasonable and got back up and tried again the next day.  I didn’t stop. I did the 3-day Foundation Cleanse (but you can do shorter/longer and other types of cleanses — they offer a bunch on the site). Day 1 was impossible. I love juices so I made it through the day no-problem but since I last did the Blueprint Cleanse they updated the #6 cashew drink (which is the holy grail, moment you wait for because it is so delicious) to this new “Cashew Blueberry Bloom” drink that I could not put down. I didn’t know something that could be so similar to the original could be so nauseating. Although I’m sure other people love it. I took two sips and traded it in for a salad with avocado and lemon as the dressing (not quite on the approved list) but close enough. Day 2, I tried again, this time adding coffee — If you knew my daily carb-aholic calorie intake doing BluePrint on a compromise is still major improvement in the cleanse department. Made it through the day easily, had the same issue at night and this time caved with a small farro salad, but again I skipped the last juice so I didn’t feel as guilty. I had so much energy so that was awesome, my stomach started to feel better and I noticed a major de-bloat by day 2, which helped motivate me. Day 3 went really smoothly and I just skipped juice #6 and traded it in for a miso soup and crashed out early. The first two days I was so boosted I couldn’t sleep. and somehow was waking up early. By day 3 (last night) between my run and little sleep from the two days before it all caught up with me and I was in bed by 9pm, ha!

I love this cleanse, whether you follow the rules or give yourself a little cheat. I obviously don’t encourage it but either way boosting your body with so many nutrients and juices is great for it. I do it when I’m feeling lethargic and need to fast-track myself to healthier habits. I’m not craving the chips of last week the way I am craving healthy salads and smoothies now. It helps break my sugar addictions and fast-track me back into the routine I want to be in. Plus I look like night and day in a bathing suit. I’m slender but I puff, bloat so easily if I’m not eating well — it’s mostly my problem with salt and wine (and probably carbs).  I don’t suggest it as a weight-loss plan but as a stepping stone to one it’s amazing. From my skin to my insides, everything is flowing better and I woke up so refreshed. I would do 6 days and probably my dinner cheat (or beg for the original cashew drink). It’s so worth it and already feel less guilty of what’s to come in Cancun.

They also have 3 new 10oz flavors Kale Apple Lemon, Carrot Lemon, and Orange Grapefruit Lemon I’m dying to try. Much like many of their other juices, these contain 2-3 pounds of fruits and vegetable and are 100% cold pressed organic juice.

Learn more about the different cleanses at

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