Maybelline New Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon, Vivid Mattes and Lip Liners

Maybelline has three new mega launches that we are so excited about! The first is their newest addition to their fabulous Baby Lips line called the Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon ($6.99), their first oil balm that delivers intense moisture along with intense color. It’s like a lipstick and balm put together! I love applying it, and these have literally been my go-to! The bright and pigmented balms are available in 8 collectible shades that melt seamlessly onto your lips. Swatches below!

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Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayons: 8 Shades, $6.99 each {Swatched left to right}

Blush Burst- the perfect daytime pink

Strawberry Burst- a vivid hot pink

Pink Smooch- a fun and bright candy pink shade

Creamy Coral- a flattering peachy coral

Refreshing Red- perfect for a quick pop of bright red

Sassy Scarlet- a flirty darker red for dressing up a look

Toasted Taupe- a perfect on-the-go lustrous nude shade

Playful Purple- a bright and fun purple shade

New Vivid Matte Liquid Color Sensational Lip: 10 Shades, $7.99 each

Maybelline has also launched an extension of their existing Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid collection ($7.99). Adding 10 new shades to the assortment, these bold new shades make quite the statement, all while delivering 2x the pigment for a hydrating velvet matte finish. They are comfortable to apply and are swatched below!

 {Swatched above left to right}

Orange Obsession- delivers a dose of bright orange for a bold look

Orchid Shock- an electric orchid purple

Twisted Tulip- a pretty day-time pink

Grey Envy- a slight lavender and grey mix

Smoky Rose- a bold maroon and purple hybrid

Coffee Buzz- perfect for a bold brown look

Corrupt Cranberry- a dark rusty red

Red Punch- a sexy dark red perfect for a night out

Sinful Stone- an edgy stone grey shade

Wicked  Berry- a fun blue-ish purple shade for all the risk takers

Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner: 14 shades, $7.99 each.

Lastly, Maybelline launched their new Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner, in 14 shades. It’s the perfect glide-on liner for fuller and shaped lips. I’m big on lipliners and these are affordable, retract (I hate sharpening) and can be used to line or fill lips, they are the perfect blend of pointed matte but still creamy enough for a comfortable glide. I haven’t had a chance to swatch these out but they are beautiful!

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Ole Henriksen Gets a New Look (And Collection!)

Today, Ole Henriksen reveals his new look and as part of the relaunch has added a new Balance Collection, designed to control oil and refine pores without stripping skin. In addition to this completely new collection designed to care for oily skin, each product has been repackaged to reflect Ole’s Scandinavian heritage and has reorganized from 10 collections to 4, clear and color-coded product lines based on skincare concerns to it’s easy to shop.

The collections are as follows:

  1. The Truth Collection – brighting, anti-aging and all day hydration (orange packaging)
  2. The Transform Collection – evens skin tone and texture (blue packaging)
  3. The Nurture Collection – intensely hydrates and nourishes dry and sensitive skin (purple packaging)
  4. The Balance Collections – Ole’s new collection that controls oil and refines pores without stripping skin (green packaging).

A little more on Ole Henriksen — beyond he’s one of the most lovely and genuinely positive and happy people I’ve ever met — at 65 he literally glows inside and out! He opened a spa in Beverly Hills in 1975 and quickly developed a celebrity clientele and cult following which led the launch of his product line in 1984. In 2011 Kendo, a brand incubator of LVMH (same brand that also backed Bite Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D and the new Rihanna Fenty makeup collection launching this fall!) acquired the brand. And today they have joined forces to reimagine the Ole Henrikson collection still exclusive to Sephora. All of the brands favorites are still in the collection, including their mega award winners, Truth Serum, Sheer Transformations Perfecting Moisturizer and Power Peel!

Learn more at

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Going for the Rose Gold with Kevin Murphy

I’m so obsessed with Kevin Murphy!!!!! I’ve admired his products for so long but getting the opportunity to spend the afternoon with him took my admiration to the next level. What an absolutely delightful person, who completely lived up to his hype. After months of struggling with my hair color — I loved being blonde but the colorists I was working with a few months back kept giving me weird highlights at the root and the intense black root to blonde highlight was not working for me at all. Expecting full well to walk into my color appointment with Kevin and ask for an ombre or some way of fixing the disaster that was my hair, he alongside his amazing Director of Color, Kate Reid had something else in mind: rose gold.

So in an unexpected turn of events, I got rose gold hair, with these beautiful highlights that gave my color and hair so much dimension.  I am obsessed! Kevin Murphy has such unique colors and vision, and this was the perfect tone for me. I love how they worked with me to create a custom color that worked for my skintone. Kevin Murphy also launched 5 new products for spring, four of which are available now with another launching in April. See below for details!

The five new products include:

1 & 2: SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH (shampoo) and SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE (conditioner), which is targeted to soften, thick, frizz-prone hair and make it more manageable. It’s a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that closes the hair cuticles so strands are smooth and shiny without weighing hair down.

3. Powder Puff (volumizing powder) – If you’re a Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER fan, that is the spray version of this product. It’s a volumizing powder with hold and texture and it instantly creates that 60s volume look without having to tease your hair. It has some grit to it but you only need to tap a little bit.  This isn’t a product that dissolves and is weightless it’s in there to do a job, and it does it well!

4. LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, which is great for all hair types and is super light and helps add strength and reduce breakage. It helps nourish dry, brittle hair and great for anyone like me that does a lot of chemical services.

5. SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE. Launching for spring (April to be more exact), this is like skincare or a highlighter for your hair–think luminous skin but for hair, so luminous hair goals. As you can see from the top to bottom picture it’s violet colored, and when shaken it creates this really pretty, prismatic shimmer that reflects light. To use, shake the bottle and walk through like you would perfume (if you were spritzing it on your hair instead of neck). The idea is when you spritz it, it’s like adding 100 violet mirrors reflecting light so it adds more dimension and your blonde looks really crisp and reflective. This product is ideal for blondes (grey hair works too) that feel like their color is getting dull or lifeless.

Learn more at

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By Terry Spring 2017 Techno Aura Collection

I’m really feeling cream highlighters at the moment. Whether it be to create a glowing, radiant complexion or do an obnoxious strobe of light in my cheekbone, I’m all in. I was recently at Space.NK for the launch of their exclusive By Terry limited edition Techno Aura collection. Featuring the Glow-Expert Duo Stick in 3 shades, 2 limited edition Gloss Terrybly Shine (aka lip glosses), and an exclusive new Eye Designer Palette Parti-Pris in No3 Techno Aura, it’s a memorable collection with the Glow-Expert Duo Sticks being my highlight (pun intended).

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The new Glow-Expert Duo Stick is the ultra on-the-go and 3-in-1 product: blush, bronzer and highlighter, complete with an integrated brush for easy and convenient application.

This ingenious strobing product has two complementary shades attached to each stick to give your face a shot of radiance, all while shaping and accentuating facial contours. Complete with a creamy glide-on texture, this non-oily formula includes a super-high concentration of precious glow-reflecting prisms and light-correcting microspheres that are perfect for a quick beauty touch-up any time of the day. Apply to bare skin or over existing makeup for a dazzling natural effect or go more intense. The product is so buildable! The formula is absolutely beautiful!

This new strobing collection comes in 3 radiant tones:

{Above, left to right, No2 Terra Rosa and No1 Amber Light. Below: No1 Amber Light, No3 Peachy Petal and No2 Terra Rosa}

N°1. Amber Light: A satiny nude amber that accentuates tanned skin and sun-kissed complexions.

N°2. Terra Rosa: Rosy and opalescent, offers a fresh glow.

N°3 Peachy Petal: A coral shade for peachy cheeks and an almost frosted look.

Also in the collection is the new Eye Designer Palette Parti-Pris in No3 Techno Aura, featuring six out of this world nudes. They can be applied with a brush or fingertips for a weightless cream-powder that feature micronized, adjustable pingments that can be layered to infinity.  For me though this is a great go to palette for day time, it’s compact and easy to travel with and all of the colors are very wearable. Swatches below!

Lastly, the 2 limited edition Gloss Terrybly Shine that join their lip glosses family are No11 Midnight Star, a futuristic ruby red with hits of azure blue (aka the shimmery purple), and No12 Spicy Crush which is a coppery, fiery red that shines beams of pink and orange tones. The formula features ceramides with hyaluronic acid, and collagen stimulation peptides for the ultimate plump (but not in a burning lip-plumping way). This one more so fills in lines and wrinkles creating smooth, naturally plump lips.

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Me time, yogurt and Aveeno

Having grandparents that were born in Greece, the benefits of yogurt are not lost on me. In my family though the do it all fixer wasn’t Windex, but in fact yogurt. Growing up I had really sensitive skin and was allergic to red dyes. Every now and then I would get flare ups and yogurt would always calm it down. It helped relieve the insatiable itch and dry skin. Yogurt is filled with nourishing and healing nutrients as well as lactic acid, which is a popular AHA that helps dissolve dead skin and tighten pores, and often see it in DIY face mask and skincare recipes.

Aveeno, known for their Active Naturals ingredients which harness the power and calming properties of oatmeal has blended this with the nourishing ingredients found in yogurt to launch the new Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt ($7.99) and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash ($7.49).  Available in two delicious scents, Apricot & Honey and Vanilla & Oat the Body Yogurts and Wash feature their new ACTIVBIND Complex. This makes up the body yogurt formula, which maintains all day contact with skin for long-lasting moisture and contains essential vitamins, lactose, proteins, lactic acid and lipids found in yogurt.

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As an adult having been in the skincare industry for over a decade, I’ve learned how to balance my skin and rarely have the issues I experienced as a kid. I wouldn’t even call my skin sensitive anymore! Dryness on the other hand, especially in the winter time is a constant struggle. The Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection and regimen with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat revitalizes dry skin and hydrates for up to 48 hours. Which I need because as of recent I have not had time to pamper myself daily.

Which is ironic, since I’m someone that really enjoys skincare and taking care of my body. In my usual busy life, putting on masks, indulging in long showers, and taking the time to moisturize are my “me” time. It’s the hour in the bathroom I’m away from my computer, phone, social media and even my dog, and is all about me. I’m also someone that enjoys working out but as of late, I have been rushing through life and powering through my beauty routine. In between fashion week, shoots and I’m doing a lot more tv and videos with brands — it all sounds so glamorous and on Instagram it is, but the prep and meeting all of your deadlines has been stressful. I’ve had to be so ‘on’ and my brain has been on hyperdrive that I haven’t had as much personal or relaxing time.

When Aveeno sent me the Body Yogurt collection months ago, they packaged it with a robe and slippers encouraging me to take a #momentforme (moment for me!).  Of course, since that moment, my life has been a roller coaster and my career, dog, boyfriend, friend/family (in that order) have had my undivided attention. So while I’m burning through the Aveeno products, the plush robe and slippers remained tucked away for a special moment of celebration when my deadlines were met and I could focus on a #MomentForMe.

If you follow me on snapchat/Instagram stories, you’re no stranger to the Aveeno Body Yogurts I’ve been featuring them for months. I use them as part of my routine and religiously before every shoot so my legs look hydrated and on point. Although my dog freakishly loves to lick it off my skin — did you catch that video? He’s never licked my body, past my face until I started using this moisturizer. It’s more fragrant then I generally go for (I usually like a scented body wash, and unscented moisturizer) but I’m obsessed with the consistency. It’s thick and creamy, but absorbs into skin in seconds. And it has that cooling effect like yogurt (although it doesn’t otherwise look or feel like yogurt) when it glides in so it’s not heavy. If a moisturizer can be thick without being heavy and mega hydrating and long lasting that is my ideal. I don’t know how to phrase it better than this formula is my perfect consistency. It also doesn’t make me shiny or leave any residue or product on the surface of skin. It all absorbs in and with intense hydration.

My other confession is I use the Yogurt Body Wash to shave my legs. A girlfriend of mine with really sensitive skin was having a tough time with shaving creams so she started using Aveeno unscented body wash and swore by it. Ever since, I rarely use anything other than one of their body washes to shave my legs. It’s one less step and product in my bathroom and all of them lather nicely, without being so thick like regular shaving cream, which I don’t enjoy.  It feels really lovely on, the Yogurt Body Wash is creamy and formulated with patented Natrasurf technology to gently cleanse without over stripping or damaging skin. And leaves my skin so soft out of the shower. It smells amazing and not just in the shower, but lingers after.

Friday was the finish line (I filmed 5 segments and wrapped up 4 magazine collaborations and fashion week this month!), and the month isn’t over! I celebrated by booking a weekend up the Hudson so I could pamper myself in a hotel, take a bath and spend some time in nature running with my dog off leash. Everything about this past weekend was my idea of paradise! I don’t know that a robe has ever felt so plush, slippers ever so soft or my skin every looking better. It’s amazing when you take care of yourself inside and out how much better you feel as a person. I’m so ready and refreshed for the week to come!

Happy Monday everyone! xoLara

Thank you Aveeno for the products, partnership and inspiring not just a moment but a weekend of me!

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