We all have very different hair, whether it is curly, colored,…

We all have very different hair, whether it is curly, colored, dry, straight, we each have a specific type of hair we tame on a daily basis. Joico believes we must change the way we see our world and because of this strong belief, Joico has implemented one of the largest private industrial sustainability programs in the nation, so super cool & super green. A few of our favorite products from this amazing company are tailored specifically to certain types of hair.


The Color Co+Wash by Joico is a whipped cleansing conditioner that has been designed specifically for color-treated hair, which lets be honest, is a good chunk of us. If you want to maintain your beautiful color while adding shine, Joico’s Color Co+Wash is the cleansing conditioner for you and it’s just one easy step in the shower versus shampooing & conditioning. If you are like me, Joico’s Moisture CO+Wash is what your hair will love and lets face it, most people can use a little extra moisture anyways. This whipped cleansing conditioner has been created for dry hair and will reduce breakage by 59 percent, also a one step process, eliminating shampooing & conditioning. Not only is Moisture CO+Wash a two-in-one shampoo & conditioner merged together, but it will infuse your dry, brittle hair, yay. Finally, if you have been blessed with beautiful curls, Joico’s Curl CO+Wash will give your curl waves protection from frizz & breakage, adding health and shine. 

Does This: Maintains color, adds moisture & prevents breakage, adding shine
Is This: Color CO+Wash, Moisture CO+Wash & Curl CO+Wash by Joico
Get This: Color CO+Wash, Moisture CO+Wash & Curl CO+wash
Price: $15.94-Color CO+Wash  $15.94-Moisture CO+Wash  $18-Curl CO+Wash

Image via: Essence, product c/o the brand

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OK, sooo if you are anything like us here at Cult of Pretty, the…

OK, sooo if you are anything like us here at Cult of Pretty, the holidays totally snuck up on you! (hello, Christmas is weeks away)…So we wanted to help you easily get your shopping list done, don’t panic. We have found an amazingly unique perfume that your friends & family will absolutely love. CLEAN RESERVE has created a collection of perfumes but our favorite is their Sel Santal scent.


Created with no clutter, heaviness or complexity, CLEAN RESERVE brings you products created with raw ingredients and actively engage in eco-conscious sustainability, which we love here at Cult of Pretty. The unique blend of mandarin leaves, salted fig and hazelnut cream along with a base of amber & sandalwood produce an almost comforting scent (Sel Santal) that will make a great gift for this holiday season. 

Does This: Produces a scent you will love
Is This: CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal perfume 
Get This: HERE
Price: $90 

Image Source:http://www.thisisglamorous.com

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Body Hydration 101

The number #1 skin care issue that I face this time of year is, surprise surprise – dryness! From head to toe, winter really takes its toll, #amiright? The dreadful combination of cold, dry air outdoors and excessive high heat indoors, well….my skin no likey! Surviving winter is no joke.

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File under/cult classics reinventedSo you know the cult beauty…

File under/cult classics reinvented

So you know the cult beauty tale about how you should rinse your hair with beer?  That ish is real – during the brewing process, malted barely releases B vitamins and proteins that will nourish and condition hair, while the hops flowers express their anti-oxidant rich essential oils to keep your hair healthy.

I personally feel that if you’re going to bring an actual beer into the shower, something way more fun than hair washing should be happening … but on an average day you can use this:


BROO craft beer hair products are created by an Asheville, NC couple with actual craft brewed beer, not some “beer” extract for marketing purposes.  BROO Craft Beer Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner was created for hair that needs that extra drench in the morning to add necessary moisture, while the Thickening shampoo and conditioner gives your hair a voluminous boost.

It does not leave you smelling like beer, in fact all of the fragrances are 100% natural plant aromas with no synthetic weirdness, so if you want that totally orgasmic faux applicious smell you should bring an actual beer in the shower and find a friend to bring some artificial shampoo to the party …

Does This: Moisturizes Hair & Thickens Hair with craft beer
Is This: BROO Craft Beer Moisturizing & Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner
Get This: Moisturizing Shampoo & ConditionerThickening Shampoo/Conditioner
Price: $14.99-BROO Craft Beer Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner $15.20-BROO Craft Beer Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner  

Image Source:
becauseimaddicted, product c/o the brand

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Tom Ford Lips & Boys Logan Lipstick and a Double Highlight!


Lets hear it for the boys! Literally. Tom Ford recently released a line of mini lipsticks, Lips & Boys featuring 25 of which are new and named after men Tom Ford admires alongside 25 of his bestsellers. Small but mighty (especially at a $36 price tag), they are so luxe and the formula has me drooling! I’m wearing this beauty as part of a project I can’t wait to announce, one of many I have over the next few months that really makes me feel like I’ve hit the next level — which I didn’t even know was achievable! But enough with the cliff hanger… for now. In this post, I’m wearing shade Logan, which is a bright fuchsia in the Metallic Finish range of this collection. The finishes based on the color vary from Matte Finish, Metallic Finish and Satin Finish. It feels amazing on and look at that sheen! I want them all, especially James so I can pretend it was named after my boyfriend, because in my fantasy world we’re Tom Ford’s friends.
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My other Tom Ford obsession — although who am I kidding, I’m obsessed with everything I’ve ever tried from them — Is their Nightbloom Powder, Black Bloom which gives that perfect golden blush highlight. I’ve been using it with the Estee Edit Flash Illuminator Fluid Powder, which gives more of that intense pearlized strobing highlight, mixed with the Tom Ford for an unexpected double highlight. Most people go either golden or with a white shimmer but I’m loving the duo together.


Swatched below so you can see it broken down more than on my face is the Estee Edit Flash Illuminator Fluid Powder, followed by the Tom Ford Boys & Lips Lipstick in Logan, followed by the Tom Ford Nightbloom Powder, Black Bloom.


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So you know how you get a zit and you want to either bother it…

So you know how you get a zit and you want to either bother it to death (the worst! #regrets) or smother it with a mask that makes you look like a horror show when you get in bed with yourself/GF/BF/spouse/cat? You don’t need to do those things my people.

Peter Thomas Roth [who by the way does make the best horror show smothering mask too] invented Acne-Clear Invisible Dots for on the spot blemish treatments. Complete with different size patches, you can literally feel the Acne-Clear Invisible Dots kindly murdering that pesky blemish when applied (AND it actually stays on all night, sealed perfectly, giving noticeable results by the am).


In the morning to continue the zit’s painless and dare we say beautiful death, you can follow with the Acne Spot and Area Treatment. It’s oil-controlling and has Aloe Vera, botanical extracts, Vitamins C, E AND Pro Vitamin B5 with glycolic acid, so it’s great for fading zits away while improving skin.

Does This: Eliminates acne & Controls oil
Is This: Acne-Clear Invisible Dots & Acne Spot and Area Treatment by PeterThomasRoth
Get This: HERE & HERE
Price: $30-Acne-Clear Invisible Dots   $19-Acne Spot And Area Treatment 

Image Source: 

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File Under/Cult ClassicsWelcome to today’s episode of True Life:…

File Under/Cult Classics

Welcome to today’s episode of True Life: I Ruined My Face Doing Halloween Makeup And It’s Still Messed Up In January. Sadly my eye skin is still a rash from too much adding and subtracting pigment and using too much force to remove it with something that was more like toner.

How can you avoid this while more importantly adding to your eye skin beauty (yes, that’s a thing) and preventing fine lines and wrinkles every day when you remove your makeup?


This old school gel magic is smooth as buttah and removes even waterproof makeup without pulling or irritating your sensitive eyes. It’s drugstore cheap and doubles as lip balm, cuticle oil etc. if you want to pack light.

Does This: Removes stubborn eye makeup
Is This: Eye Makeup Remover by Albolene
Get This: HERE– OR your local drug store
Price: $9.99-Albolene Eye Makeup Remover

Image Source: Louise Mcnaught, product c/o the brand

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