Jumping for joy

I am so excited! I woke up to a tweet yesterday that I was featured in “The Best Makeup and Beauty Blogs That You Need to be Following” by Total Beauty as one of six bloggers! I work my a$$ off everyday swatching, trying, going to events looking for the latest and greatest. Meeting so many of the pioneers and founders of makeup brands that to have that recognized, means a lot to me. I started my site 9 years ago and the changes I’ve seen — my site is older than twitter, snapchat and Instagram, if that helps put things in perspective. If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you should vote in Total Beauty’s 8th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. You get entered to win prizes and most importantly help them pick the winners!

Anyways, it’s Friday, and after a very long, epic, Fashion Week (recap coming soon!),  I’m so looking forward to a weekend in sweats and to play with all these new products I just got.  This was one of my outfits from Fashion Week, I wore Eliza J almost non-stop. How cute is the jumpsuit with this velvet backpack? I picked up the bag at the Six:02 store, which is my favorite place to shop for workout gear. They just opened their second location in Times Square last week and if you’re going through an athleisure phase, or just like really hot workout clothes — the Ive Park, Fenty Puma… this is the spot. They also have a website, which I’ve been shopping on before they opened their stores (I’m like their super fan).

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Outfit details:

Eliza J Flutter Sleeve Printed Blouson Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Stella McCartney Elyse Platform Oxfords

Herschel Supply Co. Dawson’s Velvet Backpack

Samuji Wool Shiro Coat

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Dermasuri studied the ancient Eastern exfoliating secrets from…

Dermasuri studied the ancient Eastern exfoliating secrets from the traditional Hammams of Turkey, Morocco, Japanese and Korean baths, then developed a simple product that delivers the same results. The Deep Exfoliating Mitt by Dermasuri works so well that you literally can see the dead skin skills roll off (you know you love it). Not only does it remove your winter scales, it instantly but it also improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights aging. And here are a few more: it reduces ingrown hairs, bumps, clogged pores and helps absorb skin care products more effectively.


This award winning home exfoliation product is created without chemicals and is quickly becoming everyone’s secret exfoliator. Unlike a washcloth or a loofah, the mitt is made with a particular fabric material that scoops and removes the dead skin cells. 

Does This: Exfoliates skin while providing many other benefits
Is This: Deep Exfoliating Mitt by Dermasuri
Price: $19.99

Image Source: Vogue Italia, product c/o the brand

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The art of body language and how to snag a man or a brand campaign…

Outfit details: Eliza J Off The Shoulder Crop Top // Eliza J Ball Stripe Skirt (print coming soon!) // Aldo Stessy K heels // Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon

I can not believe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!!! Do you have anything special planned? I feel like the big new buzz word is Galentine, encouraging all the single ladies to get together and do parties which while I’m all about girl power and celebrating your love for your gal pals, there really is no substitute (although besties come close!) for finding a partner in life. I can tell you that as one of the most independent people on the planet, so much of my world would be lost if I couldn’t share it with James and there would be a void without his support. I know the dating scene is hard but with online dating it’s never been more convenient. Although I was shocked to learn that over half a million singles register with EliteSingles every month! Wowza! Are there any relationships left besides mine?

For all my single ladies (and gentleman), where are we going wrong? Is it date anxiety or are you just not finding good matches? I always had a lot of fun dating. Even when I knew we wouldn’t get passed the second date, I loved meeting new people and getting to know the person across the table from me. Now in a relationship a lot of my dating skills I use in my everyday life, when I’m partnering with brands. I always get questions about how I snag campaigns and get to work with so many brands and I 100% contribute it to my dating skills. Same for job interviews, it’s a lot of the same skill set, just tweaked.

Think about it, brands want to work with bloggers that are a good match for the brand (same with hiring), personality, how you dress, attitude, body language and your online profile all go into that decision making. EliteSingles just released a guide to help Americans tackle the most common insecurities they experience when dating, so they’re prepared for Valentine’s Day.

They partnered with industry experts to create masterclasses on the five key areas people are struggling with when dating. They cover fashion, dating etiquette, body language, profiles and the art of conversation. They are quick videos with advice that I think everyone should watch since their advice is so on point, and everything I consciously do to get ahead in my relationships. How you move and carry yourself, and your confidence all plays a role.

I go to a lot of events, which is my opportunity to meet with brands and impress them. It was the same with dating. When you look and feel your best, that’s when magic happens. Smiling, being engaging and welcoming without being aggressive is my general rule of thumb. That and listening (which is part of being engaging). Body language is everything; we say a lot more with how we move then even the words that come out of our mouth.

Kim Seltzer is the dating coach, therapist and personal image expert who does the Body Language video series. In one of the videos she sites 4 tips on how to use your body language to attract a person. Here’s a quick top line, although you should watch the video, they are only a few minutes long:

  1. Pay attention to what you put on your body – your clothes!
  2. Facial expressions, we respond to emotion. And our eyes show how people feel so make good eye contact. Also smile! It creates warmth.
  3. Have an open stance – don’t close your body off! Otherwise you come off guarded.
  4. Create a presence with your body language. Posture equals confidence.

The easiest example I can give is the photos above. What does it say about me? I meet readers all the time that tell me they feel like they know me from following my blog for so long and following me on Instagram.  What do my photos and words say about me? It’s not any different then when you look at an online dating profile and make immediate judgements based on what they are wearing, if they are smiling, how they are standing… Most of you are used to me being a bit of a fashionable tomboy. So for todays image, and because Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s also fashion week, I am glamming it up and dressed so girly. I LOVE this outfit but if you had never seen my tomboy side, what impressions do you get about me from the image and body language? Maybe that’s girly but flirty and confident. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t look at this and immediately think she looks shy or loves rock bands. Or that I’m totally low maintenance and take 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. Being conscious of who you are and who you want to be at any given moment should play a roll in how you dress and move. Sometimes, I’m guarded and in my own space, and sometimes I want to be the life of the party. Much like some times I’m a total rocker and other times I love being girly.

Most importantly the videos and advice isn’t to make you someone your not, it’s bring out your best qualities and show people who you are.  I’ve had a lot of women and men tell me they have a hard time being themselves on dates so practice and take this advice. When people say ‘be yourself’ they mean the person they see and love, not some warped version they become in front of a stranger.  The whole point of a date is to get to know the other person.

You can view all the videos and advice here at elitesingles.com/itsadate

I hope you all have a magical Valentine’s Day! xoLara

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Pillow Talk

If there are two pillows in this world I feel like you should know about it’s the M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey and Night Pillow. One is a massager that effortlessly blends in with your accent pillows thanks to their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey. And the other is a memory foam pillow that offers the ultimate support and comfort on your spine and neck and multiple hair and skincare benefits because of it’s silk cover. More below on what makes these my current must haves!

M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey – This pillow is my world, you can use it sitting up, lying down to target any part of your body or step on it for the ultimate foot massage. It features 4 heated massage nods that work those knots and tight muscles. Their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey make them blendable into any home decor, you can even change the pillow-case as seen above should your interior change. I have a bulky massage hiding under my bed, and now with the M Cushion can get rid of the old one and just blend this into my home. Also with other I needed to lay on it and having the flexibility to sit up or lie down with it is a major game changer.

Night Pillow – Probably one of my best beauty tips is to stop sleeping on cotton. Invest in some silk pj’s and at the very least a silk pillowcase or go completely next level with the Night Pillow.  It’s a magical memory foam pillow offers so much support for your neck and spine and it’s wrapped in a silk cover. So why does that matter? Cotton can be abrasive on your skin and hair, while silk helps minimize wrinkles because you’re resting and rubbing your face on smooth, silky surface, it also wicks moisture so it’s not soaking up your skincare products. Instead it’s keeping it on your skin where it needs to be to work. Silk also has hair benefits from reducing split ends by being gentle on strands to helping preserve that blowout and shiny hair so bedhead is not in your future. The Night Pillow is also hypoallergenic! You can see my more in depth review from this previous post! I’m not sure if this code still works from when I did my original review but you can try my discount code: prettyconnected20 for 20% off any purchase on their site, discovernight.com

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